CAPRICORN PASSENGER LINER CC t/a CAPRICORN TOURS was established in 1990 by its founder, Mr Ridwaan Singh, operating as R Singh Passenger Transport. He was the youngest independent bus operator in the industry at the tender age of 18, with ambitious goals and ideas and the drive to become a successful business person.

Having gain the experiences of Transport, mainly through my father, a very successful businessman, founder of Singhs Transport in 1969,currently named Nazreed Transport, who owns a fleet of 30 trucks. He was also one of the Founder members of Eagle Bus Company. And also from my mother’s side, Overland Transport, who started in 1946, who is still in successful existence for many years.

With no capital on hand, he managed to acquire his first 25-seater bus on a loan term from a very dear friend. The bus required much restoration work and eventually after six long months, he received his first trip, a Republic wide tour, given from his Grandparents (founders of Overland Transport). It was then when his journey began in the Transport Industry.

In 2002, we refreshed our company name to CLASSIQUE TOURS. We had a fleet of about 6 buses, serving the local market, schools, churches and long distance tours etc. Until then his business grew from strength to strength completing the hurdles one at a time over the years.

Then in 2009, we renamed our company name to “CAPRICORN PASSENGER LINER CC” t/a CAPRICORN TOURS to reflect on our desires of achieving unforeseen success and a whole lot more. Today we are a vibrant, aspiring leading touring company in South Africa and our continued success allows us to expand our business which has been a focus for us. As a result of our success, we continue to operate in a highly competitive market, which ensures that we always have to ensure that we are innovative in our approach to acquire new business and retain our existing clientele.


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